Professional Designations

Over the years, many thousands of individuals from business, government, and a wide variety of industries have enhanced their careers by meeting the academic requirements to attain the CIM professional management designations.

    Certified in Management Program (C.I.M.)

The Certified in Management (C.I.M.) Program is an eight subject course of study ranging from Canadian Business Law to Managerial Communication, Finance Management and Administration. (The eight courses have various titles in each educational institution so it is important to make sure that the course you are enrolled in is an approved CIM equivalency course.)

            Certified in Management Program

    Certificate in Supervisory Management (CSM)

The Certificate in Supervisory Management (CSM) recognizes the achievement of the foundations of management education namely courses in Business Law, Introduction to Management, Business Communications and one other such as Marketing, Organizational Behaviour or Accounting.

            Certificate in Supervisory Management Program

    Professional Manager (P. Mgr.)

The Professional Manager (P.Mgr.) designation recognizes individuals with superior management competencies who have met an established set of criteria.

             Professional Manager Program

    Chartered Manager (C.Mgr.)

The Chartered Manager (C.Mgr.) designation is achieved through management competency by the successful completion of 20 recognized courses including the eight CIM Foundation courses. Normally this standard is at the Masters level of education.

            Chartered Manager Program

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