About CIM

As a non-profit association, the Canadian Institute of Management is Canada’s senior management organization dedicated to professional development. It was chartered in 1942 by a group of managers to increase opportunities for professional development.

The pace of change is accelerating, and with change comes the challenge to adapt and improve. For over 65 years the Canadian Institute of Management has advanced careers and contributed to the field of management knowledge amidst changing times.

As a member or a program participant, CIM informs and trains management professionals to be better prepared for the challenge of change.

Currently, there are 17 branches across Canada.

National Vision Statement
The primary purpose of the Canadian Institute of Management is to promote and support CIM designations that will be recognized as a high standard of achievement in management.

National Mission Statement
The Canadian Institute of Management is committed to leadership in promoting management professionalism and supporting management excellence in individuals and organizations.

Our Aims and Objectives

  • Provide a national voice on issues affecting the management process;
  • Be regarded as the authority on Canadian management developments;
  • Increase the awareness of management as a profession;
  • Develop and maintain educational and other programs consistent with the aspirations of our Membership.

Membership in the Institute is open to all those interested in management. Since inception, the Institute has helped over 55,000 managers develop a broadly-based education in management skills. The Institute’s programs, available at many centres in cities across Canada, include:

  • National accredited study programs offered through universities / colleges
  • National recognition of individual achievement
  • Contact with practicing management professionals
  • Local chapter activities and services including workshops and seminars
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